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Shark Tooth Shadow Box Display From Recent Adventures

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Hey all,


I recently got into hunting for sharks teeth in March when COVID hit. My fiancé’s father gave us an old shadow box over the weekend and I pulled out some of my favorite teeth to display in it from some of my hunts. Before that I just had them in mason jars.  All of the teeth were found in Charleston, SC from March - September from 3-4 different spots. I just snapped a couple pictures, but I can provide more if there is interest. 

As far as organization goes... 

- Row 1, 2: Megs; Angys

- Row 3: Great White teeth

- Row 4, 5, 6: C. hastalis; Makos; Parotodus benedini (on row 4)

- Bottom Left Corner: Alopias Grandis; A couple small Alopias teeth

- Bottom Center: Sand Tiger teeth; my largest Carcharhinus sp. (Possibly Bull Shark?) tooth

- Bottom Right: Upper and lower Snaggletooth teeth

- A few Tiger Shark teeth above the Snaggletooth corner 

I hope you enjoy looking at some of my finds over the last 6 months or so! 






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