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Some cool fish Scales I found in Missouri when cracking open calcium phosphate nodules


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Hello! I was recently opening my Muncie Creek Shale nodules and this beautiful collection of scales and bone fragments came out! I believe it is fish regurgitation. 


Location: Missouri

Time period: Pennsylvanian 

Formation: Muncie Creek Shale


5f72596234500_20200928-140341-HDR(1).jpg.9d792e058282a83bb48d1773d2e7b7d3.jpg the middle scale is roughly 9mm long!


5f725fdc6de12_20200928-140327-HDR(1).jpg.66c01b9fd61b58d0e46e7f4e57641713.jpgother half of the concretion5f72601476e51_20200928-140449-HDR(1).jpg.9b1837963699186cb65e9ea73429f454.jpg5f726024cd0b9_20200928-140443-HDR(1).jpg.1cf2405573e280d6990cf94687adebfb.jpg5f726024217fa_20200928-140323-HDR(1).jpg.2553cc8448f5b2823618e355d7e80a24.jpg20200928_163726.jpg.d78d13853f22e03d5eb4d783e0ce00d0.jpg Outer view of the Concretion and size reference












Images in their natural size (not compressed)


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