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Anyone know what these fish scales belong to? (Missouri)


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Hello! I found these beautiful scales inside a calcium phosphate nodule from Muncie Creek Shale. I believe this fish regurgitation might have some identifiable scales and I would love to know if anyone can nail down an exact species!


Location: Missouri

Time period: Pennsylvanian

Formation: Muncie Creek Shale


 5f72628f0aaee_20200928-140341-HDR(2).jpg.9a692cc931727daa6048ba623c19cb92.jpgThe center scale is roughly 9mm long! 


5f72628901b37_20200928_163726(1).jpg.18ce6e9660f29ac474d3929096d55bdf.jpg Concretion with Size reference

5f72628fd41a5_20200928-140327-HDR(1).jpg.11fc22457abe88f023b3609ffe138f4a.jpg other half of the concretion5f72628e2e0c1_20200928-140449-HDR(1).jpg.ab88c41077f7a91d8de375ceae0722a4.jpg other half rotated


20200928-140323-HDR (1).jpg




More images and in their natural size (Not compressed)


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There's a few skull bones in there as well. Not really sure what this is beyond actinopterygian.

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