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Lake Michigan Fossil


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My new find of the week was located on the shore of Lake Michigan in Glenn Michigan after some rain and high storms. I am needing help in correctly identifying this, i have some ideas but yall know more than i. And really wanting to clean this up. Was going to soak in vinegar but thought id ask before i touched it with anything other than dish water. Thank u


20200929_090810_HDR.thumb.jpg.5291b3fedb48c39f72c60131eeaa19d4.jpg   16013866314979028971592415578672.jpg

20200929_090601_HDR.jpg  20200929_090623_HDR.jpg  



20200929_090653_HDR.jpg    20200929_090825_HDR.jpg



20200929_090734_HDR.jpg  20200929_090024_HDR.jpg



20200929_090012_HDR.jpg  20200929_090720_HDR.jpg

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I think this may just be a rock. The horn corals in my area usually display some septum, tabula, and or growth lines. Wait around for other opinions though, I'm not familiar with the area!

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Welcome to the Forum :) 

I am not seeing anything diagnostically suggesting a fossil here (although there are plenty of corals in your area). I would say this is more a result of differential weathering.


Ah, Jackson g was quicker on the draw! 

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Welcome to the Forum. :)


I agree, that this is a metamorphic rock. 

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