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Kiewitz shale and Stoner Limestone Sarpy and Cass Countyy


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If you are in the area, I am planning on heading down this weekend to do a bit of poking around (Oct 3rd 2020). I was in the area last weekend chasing extant species for work, and as expected the 2019 floods exposed some really promising spots along the road cut. If you would like to go along, let me know. Remember this is a no-dig- surface only excursion. I have been looking for the fabled trilobites from the sites along the Platte River for over a decade now, and am hoping this might be the year. Also a great spot for rugose, bryos, and more crinoids than you can string in a necklace.


It was a dry summer, so the brush is all but dormant and they have restored parking spots that were lost last year.


Now that my kids are adults and moved on, it gets a little old solo-hunting. Would love to have you come along!

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I’ll post a full report this weekend, I scouted out some interesting trace fossils in the Weeping Water limestone they used for riprap on the river. Couldn’t take pictures as we were seining for fish and I was dragging for platyhelminths.

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