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Urchin Clypeaster Altus preparation

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Hello everyone! 

Just got home from my weekly vacation and started immediately the preparation. 

The matrix is soft, mostly loose sandstone and once wet you can process it easier. 


Right now I have no power tools, only some screw drives and picks. The process seems that will take a lot of time. Any advice is welcome. 


I also need advice concerning some issues.


1. One urchin that after making it wet, a crack was revealed. There is possibility that the crack expanded by half millimeter. How I treat that? Naturally dry it and application of 20% paraloid? Then proceed as above? 


2. Another sample has a small piece broken, which of course I collected. The broken piece has some matrix on it and is less than 2cm. Again paraloid and then same process? 


3. The drying process can be accelerated with sunlight or this might be dangerous and may cause cracks? 


Thanks everyone. 

The first pic is the one I am working now. It was like a sandball before removing most of the matrix and now I am doing detailing. 

The second is the slightly cracked at 11 o'clock. The white side was exposed in the weather, the rest was within sandstone wall in the quarry. 



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I think I am in good way towards completing my first preparation. 

Tomorrow, I will take care of some details around, the difficult part of its digestion system (anus must be on top mouth bottom) and the whole "under side) where I have done nothing except to unvail the 5 star pattern. 


I will not touch any cracked sample before I listen to some more experienced advice. 


Good night to everyone (well have a good day to some other places). 


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1 hour ago, Dimitris said:

Waiting to see how yours will turn out! 

Me too! :popcorn:

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