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My favorite shark teeth from the summer

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From Myrtle, to Charleston and then from Amelia around to Venice.   It was truly a blessed summer strolling the beaches with family, and sometimes by myself. 

Of the hundreds found, these are my favorites.



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Nice little display. :) 

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The lighting on the display is poor, a photographer I’m not.   It the top center I found a piece of tooth I thought(maybe being hopeful) was possibly was a meg.  Thoughts?   Again, maybe being hopeful, since I’ve never found even a shiver of one yet.  This was found on Amelia Island. 



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Nice finds! It’s hard to tell from those photos whether the serrations look more like a Meg or Great White. You might try taking some photos with the tooth lying flat on a surface, which might help the camera focus on the tooth vs. your hand.


Could you also take a closer photo of the smaller tooth just to the left in the display (i.e., the small tooth on the far left of the second row)? That one also looks interesting.

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On 10/20/2020 at 2:03 PM, Family Fun said:

Hope this is the one you asked for

EA174AF4-F4AF-4D17-8002-090822BBC9EA.jpeg 35608745-2DE7-41D7-91E3-BAD153A5D90F.jpeg

The small tooth looks like it could be a posterior Meg. Does it have serrations? I would guess that the other one is a Meg frag as well.

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I don’t see any, but my skills are rather amateur.  I’d be happy to mail it to you, no return required.

I simply love picking up each tooth and enjoying the moment.  
i was able to get a better picture of it.



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