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Post Oak Creek Texas Micro ID's - Croc Tooth?


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Hello all! Sorting through some new Cretaceous Post Oak Creek matrix and have a few questions on what some of these might be. Thanks for any help! 

First is this round tooth....could it be croc? It doesn't have any striations, which I think croc would, but it is perfectly round so not a worn shark blade, I think. Anyways, any suggestions would be appreciated! 

1. Tooth? 5 mm 




2.  This little piece...may not be identifiable as anything, but the surface texture is just interesting.  2mm


other side



3. Possibly a denticle? Or tooth? I've found lots of sawfish teeth but this one doesn't seem to match anything else. 2mm


other side



4. is this turtle? 1.5 cm



6,  And lastly....this "claw" thingie. . 2 mm



Thanks for looking! 

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2 minutes ago, Anomotodon said:

I believe this is Cantioscyllium or some other Ginglymostomatid (nurse shark)



+1 for Cantioscyllium and a nice one ! 

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1. Probably fish... very unlikely for there to be croc in POC as it was an open ocean environment

2. Ptychodus. Compare:


3. agree with nurse shark

4. ya probably turtle

5. no idea

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