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We have our Secret Santa package all ready to go and just got done organizing our loose shark teeth. I found a bunch of STH material that I had set aside for a trade that never materialized. I totally forgot I had them so here they are. This is a package deal, I don’t want to split them up. Saves on shipping. 

This would make a cool Christmas gift for somebody and we aren’t asking much in return. 



Sharks- Carcharodon hastalis, Carcharodon planus, Galeocerdo, Physogaleus, Carcharhinus, Triakis, Galeorhinus, Mustelus, Sphyrna, Cetorhinus, Heterodontus, Squalus, Squatina, 


Batoids- Myliobatis, Dasyatis, Mobula, verts, denticles, partial stingray barb. 


None of the teeth are large. I believe the largest hastalis and planus are 1.5”. Very nice array of colors though. 


With Christmas around the corner, we’ll throw in some Cretaceous teeth from Russia too. 


My primary interest would be Heterodontus,  Isurus (desori, oxyrinchus, retroflexus ) , scyliorhinus and other cstsharks but I’m open to any shark teeth except Moroccan stuff. 



PM us if you’re interested or you want a picture of something specific. 







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