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Ok I think I’m gonna be posting fairly regularly on this site from now on. So I’m a DC native, which means that the amount of fossils in dc are mostly sparse. However, neighboring PG county is a hotbed for all types of stuff! In the future, I’ll post my dinosaur stuff from here (still on my bucket list to find a tooth). In the mean time, I’ve just recently came back from southern PG county and I came away with some pretty cool stuff. The shells that come out of this creek are to die for. They’re some of the most intresting I’ve ever seen! But what I’m really excited about are the shark teeth! I couldn’t believe that just 10 minutes from the border of DC, you could find shark teeth here! I’m gonna go back here on Saturday hopefully to go find more teeth. I’m most interested in gathering the silt from this site and searching for micros because my micro collection is lacking. Anyways, here’s all the finds from this place. Oh, and I’m getting the smallest of my teeth from that fine clay down there, believe me my camera cannot capture how small these teeth are they’re like 1 mm big!





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Those fossils look like Paleocene Aquia Formation. I see big Cucullaea internal molds which are typical for the Aquia. 

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