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Texas Paleontologic Papers Available Online as PDF files


Various University of Texas Bulletins, which are available online

as PDF files contain in the form of Contributions to Geology, 

papers about the fossils of Texas. For example, there is:


University of Texas Bulletin 4401, Contributions to Geology, 1944


University of Texas Bulletin 4401 contains papers about graptolites from the

Cambrian of the Llano Uplift; corals from the Carboniferous of the Llano

Uplift; Foraminifera from the Upper Carboniferous; vertebrates from the 

Triassic, Howard County, Texas; Cretaceous crustaceans from Dallas County;

 and Pliocene vertebrates from the Texas High Plains.

Also, there is University of Texas Bulletin 3945, Contributions

to Geology, 1939, which contains Crinoids from the upper 

Carboniferous and Permian strata in Texas, Raymond Cecil 

Moore; F. B. Plummer, Univ. Texas Pub. 3945, Dec. 1, 1939, pp. 9-468


Graptolite Faunas of the Marathon Region, West Texas


The Ellenburger Group of Central Texas


Index to other University of Texas Bulletins and Publications


Example of search for "ammonites" in University of Texas Bulletins




Paul H.

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