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What to look for in an Arthropleura fossil?

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Noah Loiselle

Afternoon all. I am relatively new to fossil collecting and identification (having collected only a small amount over the years on Manitoulin Island not far from where I am currently live in northern Ontario. I am writing this posts as the title suggests to inquire about Arthropleura fossils and how to properly identify one/what they even look like? I known that trace fossils created by this species exist, but is it possible to also find fossilized body segments, such as plates? I thought I seen one that had indentations of sorts (almost like little holes but not quite) on it but am not sure if that is what you would expect from a fossilized plate of this species. I was browsing around the web hoping to purchase a specimen for my growing collection but would love to know a little more about what I should be looking for. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and if this is not the area for this post, my apologies and I will gladly move it to the appropriate forum. Cheers!

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