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Please help me ID these shark teeth that were found on the west coast of Florida (near Venice) over the past weekend. My belief is that the top row could be Great White and/or Megalodon (very nice serration on the largest/first one), the second row is either Bull or Dusky, and the third row is Hemipristis (Snaggletooth).  As for the fourth row... the jury is still out. I am most intrigued by the third/tiny one (from left to right). It looks different from anything else I have ever found. Very compact, lots of detail, and oddly shaped. Any ideas???



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Sorry, no great white.

Hemipristis serra yes, but not on the right side.



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Hare are my thoughts:

Yellow: Bull shark, Carcharhinus leucas

Blue: Carcharhinus sp.  Teeth of this genus are rough to ID when perfect. These show a bit of wear. I'd hesitate to try and speciate.

Red: Hemipristis serra

Green: Sand shark of some type (Carcharias sp.)

Purple: Lemon shark, Negaprion sp.


The middle tooth, bottom row may be a lemon shark lateral. I'm not sure.

The tooth on the bottom right is intriguing.  If it were smaller, I'd suggest Scyliorhinus, but I think it's a bit large for that genus. I"d be curious to hear others' ideas


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