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Trace cloven toe half?


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I found this in quaternary alluviums but near a spot with a confirmed vert fossil find. It looks to me like half a cloven toe, but the mineralization seems sketchy. What do you experts think? Could it be a trace, like mud-filled footprint or is it another pseudofossil!? Thanks for humoring me!





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32 minutes ago, aper said:

the mineralization seems sketchy.

Natural cast of a hoof core probably would be tough to rule out completely, but it would be far far tougher to prove conclusively I'm afraid.

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1 hour ago, aper said:

Would there be diagnostic morphology or measurement ratios that would support or refute the idea? Not in the business of proving, alas. 


Not to worry, there are more knowledgeable folks than I that will be glad to point it out if there is.  

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Super interesting, thanks. Some of the shape features of mine seem spot on, but I 100% agree that it's not likely fossil bone/nail itself. Anyway, adding to my burgeoning collection of pereidolia. :)

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