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Looks like a spike or horn, tooth. suggestive rock?


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Hi, sorry posted a bunch at once and they are probably all just rocks but really enjoy looking at the posts here and attempting to participate.  This rock was interesting to me because it is incredibly shiny, moreso than in the photos and particularly on one side, the flat one.  And, it has that flat side that looks almost organic.  Around the smallest tip of it, there seems to be a ring but not sure if that shows up well in photos and a straight ridge along the flat side.  The other side is indented a couple millimeters.   I know its probably a rock but it looked interesting enough to me to photo.  :)  It is approx 4 inches long. Found on East Coast USA.   Thanks for looking.




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sorry, it's geologic a rounded piece of gneiss, a metamorphic rock. The alternating light and dark bands are the defining feature of gneiss

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30 minutes ago, nikkisixx said:

that chippy on the side

:headscratch:I think I understand what you mean :headscratch:You'll find a layer of rock there.

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