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Are these fossils members of Francevillian biota?


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In a beach near Galaxidi, in Greece, i found some grey fossils on rocks with layers, just like the stromatolites.

I believe that these fossils are members of Francevillian biota, witch includes the earliest multicellular organisms that was found in Gabon.

These are the reasons that make me think that these fossils are from the Francevillian biota;

1.The fossils have got the same thickness with these that were found in Gabon; 6 mm.

2. In the past, one part of Eurasia (probably Greece) was next to Gabon in the Paleoproterozoic era, when the Francevillian biota appeared.

3. Its rock has got the same color with these from Gabon. Probably are made from the same minerals.

4. The fossils have got the same forms with the members of the Francevillian biota.






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Hello Gabriel and welcome to the forum.

It shows that you have put some thought into this.

The answers may be in the detail.

What part of Europe exactly bordered on Gabon two billion years ago may be harder to find out than what age your local rocks are.

I tried to have a look at geological maps of Greece, but the more detailed ones are in Greek, that I sadly can not read. The less detailed ones seem to indicate that there is some mesozoic bedrock around Galaxidi, quite old, but not as old by far as the Francevillians.

On the other hand, your specimens seem a little worn, typical for beach finds, so they may originally come from some distance (up a river or along the shore for example). Did you see grown rock of exactly the same type nearby?

The patterns do  look similar to the ones from Gabon, but try to find an exact match, like you would with a fragment of an ammonite.

It would be extraordinarily interesting if you had found Francevillian Biota in Greece. I think there will be some other explanation, but you will only find out by learning about your local geology.

There are experts and connoisseurs of nearly every kind of fossil here on the forum and I am looking forward to hear them on this.

Just dont be to disapointed if it turns out your finds are not the oldest multicellular lifeforms but something else.

Best Regards,





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