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Triassic fish fossil

Antonio Musolino

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What is the size of this fish?



Pteronisculus  looks like a match, but for species I am unsure:


Pteronisculus cicatrosus White, 1934

Small to medium fish with fusiform body (less than 15cm / 6" ?). Small dorsal fin, located slightly behind the midpoint of the body, diagonally opposite the anal fin. Big eyes. Relatively long and broad pectoral fins. Comparatively small scales.



Pteronisculus macropterus White, 1933

In his 1933 paper, White described two new Pteroniscoids from Madagascar: Pteronisculus cicatrosus , which is rather common and the somewhat rarer Pteronisculus macropterus. According to White, P. macropterus is characterized by an "elongate-fusiform body; maximum depth rather less than length of head with opercular apparatus, and equal to one-quarter total length to base of caudal fin. length of pectoral fin exceeding distance between tip of snout and hinder margin of maxilla. Origin of dorsal fin above fortieth scale-row from pectoral girdle approximately. Scales in more than seventy vertical rows to base of caudal fin, and ornamented with oblique rugae only."


Information from THIS TOPIC:


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Hi Antonio,

The maxilla is unfortunately not completely visible but the fish surely belongs to the family Palaeoniscidae in the genus Pteronisculus. 
Unfortunately the different species (P. cicatrosus, P. macropterus, P. broughi, P. arambourgi) of the genus Pteronisculus are not easy to distinguish. P. macropterus has very long pectoral fins (about as long as the head) as one distinguishing feature, but the other species are essentially distinguished by the head bones, which unfortunately cannot be seen here.



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