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Mysterious coral fossil


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This is a coral fossil found in Myloi Gorge, in Rethymno area. I can't identify it, but i know

its epoch is Pliocene because in that area were found fish fossils in matrix dated from the Zanclean subepoch( subepoch in Pliocene).

Please, can you try to identify it.





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Here is an enhanced detail. It looks rather disorganized to be a colonial coral. I have a hard time seeing the boundary between corallites. Maybe it is a group of crystals. We really need a much better up close photo.


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Try taking photo with trypod. Use macro setting and 2 second timer. This should get us better focus. A top and side photo    Awesome find. Packy 

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@Ludwigia The images are bad, so it could be coral or anything anorganic. Sorry for not coming back earlier but I escaped almost weeks to the Gulf of Mexico.


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