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Hi guys,

I found this bone on the Bulgarian shore of the Black sea, near Balchik. In the region there have been found the remains of cetotherium sp., dolphins, seals, flamingos and others. I am wondering though what exact bone it is and of course of what. I thought that it may be a part of a fin or something like that, but I failed to find a photo of a bone like this.

Any help for the identification will be very much appreciated!

And happy soon to be new year!!



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I think you are absolutely right!!

The new picture that I am posting is of some modern seal pelvis and the shapes are exactly right!!

Now I´m not saying that my fossil is from a seal for sure, but it´s definitely a part of a pelvis, THANKS!


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Well, even a broken clock is right twice a day (if I was right that is). And  if I was actually right.. :default_faint: But I DO see a similarity between your fossil & the new pic.

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