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I found this stone in...a charity shop. I really love it but I’m not sure what type of stone it is and the only one I can connect it to would be stromatolite. It has more unusual pattern though.

Please could someone help me with identification.

It has a clear quartz (I think) in the middle, it should be visible on the photo.






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Welcome to the forum.

It's a coiled cephalopod of some sort, quite likely a Moroccan goniatite which are reshaped by grinding and sold polished in large numbers.  

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This reminds me somewhat of some Moroccan goniatites. You can see a whorl (like a gastropod) and some partial septa near the white infill.

The with infill is most probably calcite. This occurs quite often that fossil shells, especially gastropods and cephalopods, are not completely filled by sediment.

Ha, @TqB beat me by a second :BigSmile:.

Franz Bernhard

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Reminiscent of some of the colours of those from the Devonian of the Erfoud area. 

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Thank you. I’m not going to pretend I know the names, I googled them and I can see the resemblance. Mine is not as obvious and pretty as the rest of them but I like it anyway! Among my collection of crystals it’s  my favourite bit, surprisingly or not ;-)

Many thanks for quick replies. I used to like fossils as a child, I might be back to it after seeing all these exciting photos on the forum.



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