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Some gifts from my retiring uncle's dental clinic, any help would be appreciated!

Alexander D.G

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Alexander D.G


List of thinks i've already ID'd:
1: Mammoth Tusk
2: Mammoth molar
3: Otodus tooth
4: - (Feels very light for its size so might be a fake)
5: -
6: -
7: mososaur?
8: mososaur?
9: mososaur?
10:  mososaur?
11:  mososaur?
12: Fake Megalodon tooth (Forgot to add the number, Woops!)
13: -
14: Oreodon tooth
15: ????
16: Crocodile or Enchodus tooth
17: -
18: Otodus tooth 
19: Obsidian?

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I see your uncle had quite the sense of humor and good taste in fossils. ;)


I recognize some Moroccan stuff in there but I'll let those more familiar with those items provide an ID. You'll probably need closer photos of some of the smaller items including a photo from the occlusal (chewing) end for a good ID.






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3 Otodus tooth

16 Enchodus tooth

7,8,9,10,11, 17 mosasaur teeth. Need closer photo for better ID

18 shark tooth maybe otodus


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Alexander D.G

Thx, i've added the possible ID's to the list! I'll take some more pictures when i get the chance.

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18 minutes ago, Runner64 said:

18 shark tooth maybe otodus

Id agree 18 is an otodus



more photos for 4 and 15 please. Also for those that know their teeth, you often need a picture of the chewing surface

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