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Cen Tex Penn, Teeth and stuff

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Went out for a couple hours last Sunday afternoon. Found a few things that I kept. One tooth I was a couple rains to late. One tooth was just in time because the next rain would have scattered down the hill. And the biggest and best tooth was lucky to see at all in last patch of dirt I was going to look at. Also collected a neat branching bryozoa. And a couple large echinoid plates.

Fossil 12-22-20a.jpg

Fossil 12-22-20b.jpg

Fossil 12-22-20c.jpg

Fossil 12-22-20d.jpg

Fossil 12-22-20e.jpg

Fossil 12-22-20f.jpg

Fossil 12-22-20g.jpg

Fossil 12-22-20h.jpg

Fossil 12-22-20j.jpg

Fossil 12-22-20k.jpg

Fossil 12-22-20l.jpg

Fossil 12-22-20m.jpg

Fossil 12-22-20n.jpg

Fossil 12-22-20o.jpg

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Beautiful finds, Tully.  Looks like a great way to spend a few hours. ;)

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Excellent finds and report!

Thanks for posting them. :) 

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Such cool-looking teeth!  And what a big bryozoan!!!  Congrats!

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Thanks every one. I am ready to go back out, may have to go look for some more pieces of that brizoa.

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Congratulations on your finds, Tully, especially the Petalodus tooth and the branching bryozoan. The Symmorium tooth base (Stethacanthid Shark) looks almost identical to the one I found when I was in Brownwood just over two years ago. I also found a Petalodus tooth, but nowhere near as complete as that one. Seeing your finds makes me want to return. Thanks for sharing them and best of luck. 

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Wow, super nice finds! I wish the Pennsylvanian teeth in my neck of the woods were that painless to free from the matrix. :P

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