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Small fossils in cleonaceras

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I bought this cleonaceras ammonite a while ago. It’s 110 Million years old from Madagascar. It said it was filled with mud and when I was looking at it I saw many small fossils, some of these may be unidentifiable or even not fossils but I know some are and want to see if you guys can help narrow it down.

Since they have been polished the inclusions on one side are not on the other


here’s the ammonite, 6.9 inches the longest way



1. Gastropod?

2. Shell fragment?


3. Shell fragment?


4. Gastropod?



5. Gastropod?



6. I know this ones a gastropod, anything else?



7. Shell fragment?

8. No clue, probably not a fossil


9. Tiny gastropod?


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These may actually be forams, that got settled into the sediment that took up residence in the empty ammonite shell. 


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