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Need some ID help on this one. Eocene, Keasey Formation, and an inclusion or something inside a concretion. Size of the whole piece is 12 x 15 cm, weighs about 6 pounds.


Image 1 - Mollusk on top of something that has included into the matrix



#2 is a close up of the mollusk and surrounding area



Closeup of the inclusion material



More images to follow.



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Layer surrounding the inclusion:


Another closeup of the inclusion:



Interesting intersection of the outer layers and the inclusion:



Anyone know what the inclusion is? I am thinking maybe a coral?


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  • Fossildude19 changed the title to Mollusck and something else I think

Looks like it is just part of the concretion, to me. :unsure: 


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I think it s a geological feature, not a fossil.


greetings Walter

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  • Fossildude19 changed the title to Mollusk and something else I think

Here are two replies from PhD's:


Rock ID from photos is tricky, but my best guess is a bivalve (the white area) surrounded by an "aureole" of mineral precipitation caused by original animals decay in the sediment. This is definitely a guess though! Very fascinating rock — it also looks like a concretion that has split in half. 


This looks like a partial shell or shells of some kind of bivalved mollusk in a concretion, which is not uncommon in the Keasey Formation. The surrounding textured material looks like dendrites and/or diagenetic minerals and/or is from later weathering, not fossil material. Fun find!


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