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Purse State Park/Nanjemoy WMA Fossil ID Help


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Hi all, I just made my first trip out to Purse State Park/Nanjemoy WMA in Maryland. I found quite a lot of sand tiger teeth, but a couple pieces I could use some help to ID. I’ve got a photo of all of them and some close-ups of each one. #1 is clearly bone, and I suspect reptile, but turtle or crocodile? #2 appears to have some glossy enamel covering on one part but is this a severely damaged shark tooth or something else? #3 had more of a tortuous, twisted crown than any of the sand tigers I found. Could this still be sand tiger or possibly goblin shark? #4 looks like it could be part of a plastron? #5 I at first thought was part of a ray dental plate but could it also be a plastron fragment? #6 I’m fairly sure is Cretolamna spp. but wanted to confirm. Thanks for any help! 




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Ray denticle and possible puffer fish mouth plate for 4 and 5, I think. 


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