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Pterosaur tooth or fish?


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Any idea on this tooth, labelled as pterosaur? No bigger pics available because of its small size. 


It is sold as a pterosaur tooth from the Solnhofen formation. It is only 3mm in length---much smaller than other teeth I see there and smaller than the tooth I have from there. Most pterosaur from there seem to be curved, whereas this is quite straight, which makes me think it's probably not a pterosaur. It's a really tiny tooth---3mm. Even smaller than the Bull Canyon pterosaur teeth, could be from a rarer type of pterosaur there? Most are sold as Rhmphorhynchus, but I see there are a lot of pterosaurs from that location--incluiding the quite small pterodactylus and the tiny aerodactylus







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These pictures aren't good enough to determine if this is even a tooth! 

Can't see enamel or bone structure.

Cropped, brightened, and enlarged:



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