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Has anyone ever gone fossil hunting in or near Gloucester County? (Southern New Jersey)


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Hey everyone,


So I am from Northern New Jersey and moved back about a year ago. I always loved going to Big Brook and Shark River but I am hoping to expand my horizons. My friends recently moved to Gloucester County, and like me, also have a background in Plio-Pleistocene Arch/Paleo...as such! we are all giant nerds who love to take day trips together and find neat stuff! I am not too familiar with Gloucester (except for the site being excavated by Rowan), but I was curious if anyone has gone fossil hunting in that county or in areas nearby. 


If not, I do have a background working in GIS as well, so I was thinking about overlaying a few geo-layers along with other features (DEM, streams, etc) to try to locate a spot but I was hoping to ask this sub first! We aren't picky at all regarding what to find, we are just hoping to have a good time! Any advice would be greatly appreciated! thanks! 

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You can check out this website to start your research. 

The information is extremely old (up to 100 years old!) and therefore no longer accurate, (progress, building, land reclamation) but it may give you some ideas on where to begin to look. 

Good luck. 

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I realize this is a fairly old post but I just saw it.  I am a former South Jersey boy (Camden county, one county north of Gloucester) who has been doing some research in preparation for my next trip home.  I can’t give you details but there are some old papers out there that reference some very productive Gloucester County sites.  Many (most?) seem to have been lost either to suburbia or just because nobody has been collecting them and their exact location has gotten fuzzy.  In any case, I intend to check out a few when I am out there next.  

if you do some Google searches, you are certain to stumble into a few of the documents I did.  The papers will get you in the ballpark for a number of seemingly interesting sites in Gloucester County.  You will have to do some Sherlock Holmes work from there.  It will be well worth it if you find yourself a long lost honey hole.  

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