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Is that a bone bitten by a predator?

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 This fossil comes from Richards Spur and it is Permian. I think it's a coprolite with a bone bitten by the predator that the coprolite belongs to, but I'm not very sure. What do you think about it?

Thank you.






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I'm not seeing anything I recognize for coprolite, bone or bites at the moment. Maybe it would help to focus on one visual task at a time. 


Perhaps some really clear photos (with scale bar) of the characteristics that you think show it is a coprolite? Then bone? Then bites?


The following paper might be useful in your deliberations:



When we published it, one of the reviewers gave us a similar test: Why do you think it is a coprolite in the first place? :zzzzscratchchin:

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I'm seeing crystalline pyrite and calcite. I'm not seeing any bone. Maybe a better photo might clarify this?

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@jdp is correct. I found some of these in some Richards spur Permian matrix I searched through. I was curious so I disassembled a couple and that’s all they were.

1 hour ago, jdp said:

I'm seeing crystalline pyrite and calcite.


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