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In need of advice for finding shark teeth and vertebrate fossils in shoal creek

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Hey guys,

I live in Round Rock, about 25 minutes north of Austin and I've been dying to find some shark teeth in the area. Recently I found my first shark tooth in Waco, but that hour and a half drive was only induced after many failed attempts locally. 

As far as I understand, (and if I'm wrong, please correct me!), one's best bet of finding shark teeth (or even mosasaur teeth/verts) locally is in shoal creek in Austin. More specifically, I've heard about shark teeth turning up in Northwest park, which shoal creek runs through. My brother and I have spent long hard hours looking in the creek below the bridgewalk in northwest park, and turned up none of our goals, save for a single nice echinoid.


So, with this in mind, I need some advice/correction. As for shoal creek, if anyone knows specific areas of the creek where my luck may turn, or knows of other areas in Austin (or round rock, if there even are any) where shark teeth can be found, please let me know.


If what you have in mind is a more sensitive site that you're hesitant to post in the public sphere, I'd be ok with receiving direct messages.

Thanks for any advice!


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I've been hunting in Shoal Creek for a few years and while I have also heard that you can find Shark Teeth and Mosasaur there....I have yet to find one. Ammonites, variety of echinoids and some really cool pyrite illymatogyras but no vert stuff have I ever come across. Good luck. Vert stuff is far and few between in Central Texas. There apparently was a good cache in Round Rock at one point, but it's all been built upon.  Your best bet is to find some areas of new build (subdivisions and such) and check that with Geological maps and see if it might be a formation that is more known for teeth, like Eagle Ford. Good luck. I didn't find my first Cretaceous shark tooth in Central Texas until January and my first shark vert just a week ago and I've been hunting for at least 3 years! 


PS. And if you do find a spot....would you mind letting me know? :D

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4 hours ago, JamieLynn said:

PS. And if you do find a spot....would you mind letting me know? :D

Back at ya! Fingers crossed in both our cases

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