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Can anyone take a look at this rib piece, please and give your thoughts? It is sold as a spinosaurus rib. It is from Kem Kem and measures 21 inchs x 3 inches x 1.9 inches (at it's widest points).


Interestingly, it also has supposedly three predation marks which seller suspects was made by a Carcharodontosaurus.  So, if someone can look and confirm that it's a spinosaurus and if they are predation marks as opposed to natural wear or damage with tools during extraction, that would be excellent. 


Seller also says that there are hairline stress fractures and resin stabilisation on one end which was very fragile is the only restoration. They will be in a 2nd post shortly.


Edit: Uploaded














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2nd batch of photos taken especially by the seller. Seller also has a video showing the fossil, which I can't post here because it's embedded in his site. But if anyone wants that to aid in the id, I can easily pm it.













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Every bone from Morocco is from a Spinosaurus no other creatures were present...:D


Yes it looks like a possible rib fragment but it's awfully straight for a one that long and without ridges.  Wonder if it's a a hip bone fragment.


 Difficult call on those predation marks, yes some could be but being from Morocco anything is possible with the right tools, I would be very suspect of them.  Boy this is a special seller if he could identify the Species that made them.


Far from an expert I would lean against this being  Spinosaurus shape and profile appears wrong and it's bones are very dense see  


Let's see what others say.



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Might be rib as Troodon said. But it's too incomplete to put an ID on it.

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Thanks for taking a look. With too much uncertainty on id, I think i'll leave this then.



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