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Drones as potential fossil hunting gear. - Proof of Concept


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Although this paper involves meteorites, that drones

were "taught" to recognize meteorites using machine

learning suggests that there is the potential that the

same can be done for larger fossils such as vertebrate

remains. The paper is>


Anderson, S., Towner, M., Bland, P., Haikings, C., Volante, W.,

Sansom, E., Devillepoix, H., Shober, P., Hartig, B., Cupak, M.

and Jansen‐Sturgeon, T., 2020. Machine learning for semi‐
automated meteorite recovery. Meteoritics & Planetary

Science. First published: 01 December 2020


ARXIV PDF file for those people who lack subscription / library access:




Paul H>


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