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I put this on the general forum as well, but this is probably more appropriate!!

In my search for conodonts in Pennsylvanian stark shale (between Winterset and Bethany falls limestone) I routinely find concretions/nodules-most are powdery but sometimes i find teeth and other microfossils. Well much to my surprise, upon splitting my thousanth shale, I found a 1cm nodule, and within it, this apparent micro sea urchin-one of two in the nodule. From spine to spine (7:00-1:00) it measures just under 2mm in diameter

     I am refining my photog techniques with a newly purchased leica M420, phototubes, and a sony A660 camera, which produced this nice photo of one of the conodonts. I am intrigues by these tiny urchins (if that is truly what they are! :) ). thoughts, comments and any hope of specific i.d. on this or the conodont appreciated!!!!! (and how this wound up in the anoxic shall layer)-wasn't a surface find contaminant, but found upon splitting shale.....so ~300million years? thanks again all!...... Bone


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will stevenson

Cool finds ! :) 

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