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How to prep trilobites that are in cross section


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How do people prep trilobites in cross sections? Heres a picture i found. I really want to learn to prep trilobites in cross sections how do they know where the head and pygdium is?



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In my Trilobite preps thread, I show how the process is done with a Morocconites


To understand trilobite morphology to determine the placement of their component parts in stone takes a mixture of experience, but also spending the time to read about trilobites


To prepare a trilobite in cross section well would take specialized air scribe and abrasion equipment. The picture above seems to be the way they are typically found in the Devonian of Morocco. It would entail gluing the rock together and working down to the trilobite using said equipment. It is possible to use hand tools, but that usually results in the very rough prep done with motorcycle pistons and small chisels one sometimes sees on the market.


Here is an example of a Moroccan proetid being prepared in stages by my friend Kevin:




Keep in mind that this whole sequence occurs in 13.5 hours, but this is also from a highly experienced preparator; expect a mix of inexperience and a lack of the right tools may multiply that time considerably to get at the same or similar results.

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As @Kane stated, glue back together and prep down. Do need to have a good idea of what your looking at before you start as well. You pre mark the matrix before you glue so you can recall where the trilobite sits.


And as for the picture of the cross section,  what they have labeled as head and tail look more like left and right to me? (Though I am by far "not" a pro). Once you prep down from top the morphology will tell you which way to continue. 

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