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Eocene era stromatolite

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Hi guys.


As a begginer in the world of fossil hunting, I would very much apppreciate your opinion about this specimen.


It was found in the eocene era site, near the town of Vrgorac, Republic of Croatia and I presume it is some kind of stromatolite.


Thank you in advance.




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could be stromatolite. could be mineral.



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Thank you for your output, guys.


I posted another topic, which included both this specimen and some other (eocene era stromatolite 2 is the name of the topic) and I was lucky enough to be answered by Franz Bernhard, who instructed me that this is a speleothelm.


I had to agree with the man, considering the fact that the area where I have found these is locally known to be a part of huge collapsed cave system.


Again, thank you for effort.



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