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What the heck is this?

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I don’t know where it was found or how old was it is. 

I found it at one of the cave the mounds sleuthing sites in Dane county Wisconsin, its about 3cm long and looks a bit like coral.


24411145-CB94-46DB-BE88-7A7B7929A379.jpeg 829675E2-0625-4901-9EDB-48310934CED0.jpeg


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I think that this may be part of a criniod. 

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Reminds me of a drum fish jaw without the tooth caps.  Only different.

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Brett Breakin' Rocks
59 minutes ago, Crankyjob21 said:

@Darktooth then why does it look so weird? 

To us it might look weird but crinoid holdfasts are kinda like roots .. .and I can imagine a world where this could be from that part of the animal. 



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I'm going to go with a portion of a Halysiocrinus calyx.

Halysiocrinus tunicatus.jpg

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I'm in the crinoid holdfast (root system).

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