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Chesapecten Bivalves For Trade

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I had the opportunity in January and February to visit a couple of Miocene and Pliocene deposits in Maryland and Virginia that were full of fossil shells. I ended up picking up a couple of extras in hopes of trading them to help expand another member’s fossil collection and to expand my own collection. I primarily collect plants and sea life but am always looking to add something new to my collection, so if you’re interested, let me know what you have in mind and let’s work out a deal. I can also throw in some other stuff from my trips if you’d like. I would be willing to trade these individually or as a group.

Chesapecten nefrens with barnacles



Chesapecten middlesexensis with both valves, measures 18cm wide



Chesapecten middlesexensis, measures 16cm wide 



Chesapecten middlesexensis with barnacles



Chesapecten jeffersonius, including the right one with barnacle scars


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