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Hello, We are wondering if this is simply a unique formation or ancient bone. It was found in a dried up section of riverbed near BC Alberta border.

There appears to be evidence of potential talon scrapes and concretion formation (which seems to be mirrored on opposite  sides)in a ligament or muscle attachment point.

there is a concave curved side and a flat section opposite that reflects the same size and shape. It tapers from one thick end to a thinner curved/concave shape.


Does anyone have a better idea as to what this is or what it might belong to? 

Could this be collagen based? Body armour perhaps?


Thanks in advance for your input.
















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Looks like a rock to me. :unsure:


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val horn

Interesting shape no bone texture therefore rock not bone or fossil

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It’s the shape that is so intriguing to us. It has concave/convex shape to both sides. So interesting... if it’s not bone or keratin growth, I’m wondering how did it get such a shape. 
Thank you for your insight. 

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