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New Troodontid from the Maastrichtian of Spain

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A new genus of Troodontid has been described from late Maastrichtian fluvial deposits of Spain's Talarn formation (Tremp Group). It was named Tammaro insperatus named for a small, elusive creature from local folklore and the latin word for unexpected due to where it was found. Very interesting to see this family of dinosaurs officially represented in Europe's fossil record, along with the overall diversity on the continent when it was still archipelagic. 






Holotype metatarsal II



Artist's reconstruction (Oscar Sanisidro):


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Thomas Holtz posted it the other day and was excited to see the paper since its a Troodontid.  A bit disappointed when I found out it was based on a single bone.   Better, I guess than those isolated tooth taxons in the early years, but not by much. 

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