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I have no information about the origin of this fossil, except to say that it came from a large bag of pea pebbles purchased at a big box store in the St. Charles, Missouri area.  The raised ridge in the center made me wonder if it's a trilobite.  There's also an interesting "shift" about midway down the ridge that creates an offset of sorts.  Maybe that's the result of settling over time?  It measures about 0.75 inch long, as shown in one of the photos.

Short Side.jpg


Upside Down.jpg

Wide Side.jpg

Long Side.jpg

Pointy Side.jpg

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You are correct. 

This is a partial trilobite, part of the thorax and pygidium. 

It was probably a molt, which is why the pygidium is offset from the thorax. 

Looks like perhaps a Dalmantid trilobite. 

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The axis is too tall for a trilobite and the axial rings would not have a connecting ridge. :zzzzscratchchin:

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This one is weird!  It has an echinoderm-ish feel to it but I am not sure.  It might be an impression, in which case one would have to imagine it pressed into modeling clay to see the "positive" surface.



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It sort of, almost, but not quite, looks like fish vertebrae & ribs.. or a mold of a mold of some. :shrug:

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