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Edaphosaurus tooth?


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This is the only scholarly reference I could find:


Edaphosauridae teeth:


"Marginal teeth and tooth rows of Edaphosauridae for comparison with Bolosauridae. a “Belebey” augustodunensis, jaw fragment of supposed bolosaurid and herein interpreted as an edaphosaurid, taken from Falconnet (2012: fig. 1); b tooth tips of the latter in vertical perspective (Falconnet 2012: fig. 2); c Edaphosaurus boanerges MCZ 1762 (Modesto 1995: fig. 9); d Edaphosaurus cf. boanerges (Davis 2012: 124, 125); e cf. Edaphosaurus (Vamoosa Formation, Virgilian of Seminole County, Oklahoma), OMNH 73688, pers. obs.; f Edaphosaurus boanerges MCZ 1762, right maxilla in foreground; g cf. Ianthasaurus CM 47700, possible premaxillary tooth; h cf. Ianthasaurus CM 34449, maxilla; i Ianthasaurus hardestiorum ROM 59933, maxilla of largest known specimen; j Belebey vegrandis PIN 104B/2021, mandible with typical heel-bearing teeth; k Belebey vegrandis PIN 104B/2022, partial dentary. Scale bar measuring 5 mm each"


^From Edaphosauridae (Synapsida, Eupelycosauria) from Europe and their relationship to North American representatives


This is a tooth sold as Edaphosaurus:



@snolly50 apparently has a tooth, maybe he can weigh in? 

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