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I found this rock on Ocean Beach in San Francisco.  I have In the same area over the past few weeks recovered several fragments of Sand Dollar fossils probably about two million years old, according to a local geology/oceanology professor who recognized them right away. I am wondering if this rock might be a turtle scute as I have seen similar looking samples online that were Holocene turtle scutes. The sand dollars were the first fossils I’ve ever found outside of fossilized clams so I have no problem if this is just a rock.


Many thanks in advance for the expert guidance and help.








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Brett Breakin' Rocks
27 minutes ago, dfrybarger said:

this is just a rock


Hi There,


Welcome to the forum !


Indeed, there is no indication of bone here, those turtle osteoderms have very specific look and shape (surface texture) etc.  This is a piece of eroded sedimentary rock unfortunately.





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Welcome to the Forum - Good Luck with future hunts!

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Thanks for the quick reply and the welcome!

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