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So I recently acquired this little Ediacaran fossil. The round convex blobs have been identified as Beltanelliformis/Nemiana, but I'm not so sure about the flat one in image 3.

Is this just a flattened specimen of the same genus? Or is this something else (e.g. a holdfast? muscular structures?)? The small bump/dimple in the center, along with the circular(ish) rings are of interest.

Location: Podolia, Ukraine





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Tidgy's Dad

Looks to me that it's just the attachment point for one of the domed blobs. 

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The bump might be a superficial artifact instead of a morphological feature. The association of convex and flat specimens are typical for these.




Fedonkin, M.A., Gehling, J.G., Grey, K., Narbonne, G.M., Vickers-Rich, P. 2007

The Rise of Animals: Evolution and Diversification of the Kingdom Animalia.

The Johns Hopkins University Press, 326 pp.

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Thank you all for the responses!

Was not aware that Nemiana could preserve as a flat fossil. And by the looks of it, the flat specimens look very similar to what I have on hand. 

Tirasiana is another good candidate it seems. Though given the nature of Nemiana and how it's often found in large clusters, the close proximity of my flat specimen to the other convex individuals seems to point to a Nemiana affinity. 

Thanks again for the ID help! :D 

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