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Erin Presley

We are avid winter skiers here in NYS. As soon as the temps are above freezing, the snow is gone, we are on the hunt for those Devonian fossils.  A nice day trip to Canandaigua Lake, we ventured up a gully that is open to the public. On the south wall we began finding shale and limestone slides. Immediately after fanning away the leaves of fall past, the fossils presented. Many brachiopods, crinoid pieces and a few trilo butts. Our find of the day was this great little complete curled trilo and iron enriched brachiopod. We definitely will be returning. 






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Welcome to the Forum. :) 


Great finds! Congratulations. 

Thanks for posting.  :Smiling: 

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Tidgy's Dad

Nice atrypid. :)

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