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Fossil Tiger Shark Month?


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Fossil tiger sharks have been getting some more attention lately. Two pertinent papers were published this month.


This morphometric analysis reduces Galeocerdo to six species: Galeocerdo aduncus, Galeocerdo capellini, Galeocerdo clarkensis, Galeocerdo cuvier, Galeocerdo eaglesomei , Galeocerdo mayumbensis. They agree with Physogaleus contortus being it's own species rather than a positional variant or sexual dimorphism of G. aduncus. They also contend G. cuvier back to at least 13.8 Ma.  


This report published today describes the partial skeleton of an immature dugong (Metaxytherium cf. medium) in association with 7 G. aduncus teeth from the middle miocene of Austria. There are bite marks consistent with G. aduncus on the ribs, showing that at least in this circumstance they fed on sirenian carcasses. Also the first report of the angel shark from Austria's miocene (Squatina).


Edit: According to the principal author, the Austrian tigers are only G. aduncus. There are no P. contortus described from Austria but she hopes to do a wider census including private specimens.

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