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Caramel colored petrified "wood".

Dale from Utah

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Dale from Utah

I recently found this fossilized example on the surface of the desert in east central Utah, Emery county, on the road to chimney rock.  The caramel color isn't typical of the petrified wood that I've found before and I'm wondering if this might be another plant such as a palm, fern, cycad, or something else.  Growth rings are present but are not particularly strong.  The "sap" inside appears to have turned into a different type of mineral.  The light green highlights on the surface are lichens and are not part of the stone.  Any ideas as to what type of plant this is?  Thanks.







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I agree that this is wood. I believe it to be conifer, or perhaps angiosperm, but I doubt a more refined ID can be had other than perhaps by association with other known examples.

The sap may be present, but it would be a miniscule component of the fill in what appears to be primarily a cast of wood.

Dale, from Maine

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