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Over a year ago when I was just starting to hunt and collect fossils I came across this the ravine slope of a creek that cuts through the Winterset limestone at my old house. It could be washed from another formation. It looked interesting so I kept it and have been trying since then to identify it. I’m not sure if I’ve landed on the right thing – or even if it’s a fossil but I am thinking it might be a beekite ring similar to the one here https://lakeneosho.org/Paleolist/99/index.html only more 3D. It’s also quite possible it’s just quarts and I’ve just looked at it too long! However I’m curious what y’all think?







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Lone Hunter

You gave it away with y'all :) Never heard of that, have no idea if it is but it's cool! Now I have to go look at my rocks again.

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Yes, looks like beekite or a near silicate.



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it looks like the Beekite is trying to form rings.

Take a look here:


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@Coco Thanks!


@abyssunder Thanks for that! I had looked through it and my specimen looked similar enough that I think I'll label it as such.

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