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Hello wonderful fossil-people!

If you and you're gang enjoy solving a groovy mystery, I have a post for you! This rock was found in an area of Northern Arizona that is very well know for producing lots and lots of bryozoan, brachiopod, and crinoid fossils, as well as crystals and geodes. The bit of rock in question was found in the side of what appears to be a broken geode. There is a triangular fragment of stone that does not match the material surrounding it. There is also a white discoloration encompassing the triangle that I've highlighted in green on one of the photos below. The colors in the 3rd photo are a little more true to what it looks like in real life. The geode is kind of a pink-ish color and the triangle "fossil" is a dark brown/reddish color. Given the abundance of marine fossils found in the same location, I wonder if this is also fossil. It just seems so out of place in this rock.


I have oodles of bryozoan, brachiopod, & crinoids that I've found in the same location and I can share pictures of these, if it somehow helps


So what do you think, fossil or random bit of stone? If it is a fossil give me your best guess as to what it might be... or even give me your worst guess. I'm not picky lol. 


0.jpg  0a.jpg

1.jpg  3.jpg

4.jpg  6.jpg

7.jpg  2.jpg

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When I find crystal filled vugs in the rhyolite / agate seams in the AZ desert i often find little separate pieces of rock that look similar to yours encased in the agate. So, I'm gonna guess loose host rock chip enclosed in the piece??

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Moved to FOSSIL ID.


Not a fossil, for me. 

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