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Fossilized bone found with what looks to be predation marks. Help Id please. Thanks


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Hello everyone, while I  was getting some exercise exploring the badlands here in central Alberta (Red Deer river valley Scollard formation I believe) I found a piece of fossilized bone that must have been recently exposed due to spring thaw. I am no guru however it appears to have some predation marks on it (third picture left side) & to me looks like it could be a leg bone?  I'm looking for some help confirm these are in fact predation marks & also to ID the bone itself if possible. I know its difficult due to it being just a small fragment but any help or additional info would be greatly appreciated. The fossil measures approximately 9cm in length by 4.5cm at the fat end & roughly 3cm at the thin end. Hope that helps.


Thank you in advance for the help!





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Sorry, I'm not seeing predation marks.  Those look like natural scrapes after weathering out.  As for ID, my first impression is the base of antler.

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Root etching or recent scrapes, I would say. 

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