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Hey all, 


I had a fun haul today in Charleston, SC (full haul in the first couple pictures). I was wondering if anyone could ID the first two teeth (pictures 3, 4, 5, 6) and let me know if they are A. grandis or a lateral Isurus tooth. 

Also, could anyone ID the mako tooth (picture 7)? Is it C. hastalis, I. desori/oxyrinchus, or I. retroflexus/paucus? Thanks in advance!








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First two are giant threshers, Alopias grandis. Third looks like hastalis.

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Thanks @bthemoose


I wasn’t sure on the first two as A. grandis after what @MarcoSr pointed out in this thread, but want to label properly if A. grandis. 


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First two are Alopias Grandis, second is a Carcharodon Hastalis. Great haul!

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