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Western PA Specimen Collection - Fossils of Parks Township

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Hopefully I'm not breaking any rules here posting a link. I spent my weekend finally putting my catalog into a proper database, and creating a user interface for it. I used to use Google Sheets, which is pretty great. If I wanted to, I could use them as the source of data, but I decided to create a proper MYSQL database so I can keep relationships across tables, such as the stratigraphy of particular find locations. I have many more improvements coming for it, but it is at least functional right now.


Everything from CG-0001 to CG-0161 is from the Glenshaw Formation, Conemaugh Group.




I also maintain a thread with individual photos here, just not everything:



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This looks great.  What software or program did you use to build the database?  

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Just now, jpc said:

What software or program

I use SQLYOG to manage it visually. I've been writing SQL queries as part of my career for the past 20 years, so writing the structure is 2nd nature at this point. It's still evolving, as I originally placed geologic formation/group in the same rows as the specimens, until I changed mid-stream and made locations their own table.


I'm still filling in the gaps, for example I need to hunt down the Class, Order and Family of the genus Antiquatonia. That's a pain for plants I'm finding, where sources want to omit Phylum for Clade, etc.



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As an update, I continue to populate specimens here. I am approaching 400 unique cataloged specimens.

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Took the time to scroll through your specimens. Great collection!! Makes my collection from that formation look pretty small.



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